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HDU 1161 Eddy’s mistakes[解题报告] C++

Eddy’s mistakes

问题描述 :

Eddy usually writes articles ,but he likes mixing the English letter uses, for example "computer science" is written frequently "coMpUtEr scIeNce" by him, this mistakes lets Eddy’s English teacher be extremely discontentment.Now please you to write a procedure to be able in the Bob article English letter to turn completely the small letter.


The input contains several test cases.each line consists a test case,Expressed Eddy writes in an article , by letter, blank space,numeral as well as each kind of punctuation
composition, the writing length does not surpass 1000 characters.


For each test case, you should output an only line, after namely the result of transforms the lowercase letter.


weLcOmE tO HDOj Acm 2005!


welcome to hdoj acm 2005!

2011-12-16 10:28:49




# include <stdio.h>

int main ()
    int ch ; 
    while ((ch = getchar ()) != EOF)
        if (ch >= 'A' && ch <= 'Z')
            putchar (ch -'A' + 'a') ;
        else putchar (ch) ;
    return 0 ;

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